Do You Own Rental Property in Christchurch But Live Overseas?

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Are you facing constant headaches and stress trying to manage your Christchurch property from a distance?

Maybe you already employ a property manager but are frustrated by a lack of communication. There’s always a nagging worry at the back of your mind in case things are falling apart and no one is taking responsibility.

Well, the good news is, RentRight can help you. We are working with several overseas-based landlords to manage their Christchurch properties and the number one thing they appreciate is the regular and detailed communication they get from us.

We will send you a report at the end of each month, which will include all financial information and any maintenance issues that have arisen. Furthermore, our experience at negotiating with tenants means we will not only ensure you get a higher quality of tenant but it’s also quite likely you’ll get a better rental return under our management.

So don’t suffer headaches and stress any longer. Start the process to get RentRight involved in managing your Christchurch property. You’ll be glad you did.

We have owned and managed rental properties in Christchurch since 1997 but have lived overseas during the last 12 years. We had our fair share of headaches trying to manage property from afar, using friends and family and of course trying to manage things ourselves.

But this changed in 2009 when we discovered RentRight – and we can’t recommend their services strongly enough. The value they have added to our rental property experience has been significant. Not only did the pressure and stress go away compared with our previous years of self-management but also since RentRight’s involvement, our rental returns have been higher.

Their professional and thorough approach in finding the ‘right’ tenants, collecting rent, managing repairs when required and completing regular inspections (and communicating all of this to us) are invaluable.

Like most home owners in Christchurch, we sustained considerable damage due to the earthquakes. Here again, Rentright delivered management services that allowed us to effect repairs and re-tenant the property in a timely manner. I have no idea how we could have achieved this without their involvement.

Other major benefits to expats like us include providing valued property and rental market information. As landlords we get access to their website to view and property information, an excellent resource when it comes to filing taxes.

RentRight manage our property almost like it is their own. That’s why we trust them to manage one of our family’s greatest assets.”

Graham and Roz

YES! Please send me the information